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Dr. Dan Johnson As an entrepreneurial coach, Dan Johnson compares his work to a person walking the wrong way in the middle of a Macy’s parade. He’s learned that life doesn’t move sequentially along a single path, and leadership isn’t simply a matter of implementing the logical interventions he learned in his doctoral program in curriculum and supervision.

From his site leadership experience in the Appalachian coal country of Southwest Pennsylvania to his district leadership experience on Chicago’s North Shore, Dan has searched for practical ways to release entrepreneurial thinkers from the logical sequential chokehold that threatens the social and economic future of our democracy. He believes recent advancements in science and technology can breathe new life into the struggling system we call schools. But first, we have to create a better balance between the talents students bring to the classroom in the form of their own intellectual DNA and the skills they take from that same classroom as a result of their interactions with teachers and peers.

As president of Triple-C-21, Dan provides a customized approach to education that offers hope for parents and educators everywhere who believe the future of our democracy depends on our ability to create a new generation of entrepreneurs. Dan’s focus on entrepreneurial thinking is grounded in his own extensive experience as a school leader:



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